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10 July 2008 @ 10:24 pm
unfortunately, this week we have to eliminate one more person, ljolie congrats on making it to the final five!

01: Icon is too dark, dull coloring.
01- the text overpowers the image because the image is too dark.
06- too much contrast

02- the texture is overpowering
02- the coloring of the texture and the picture are a little too hard and don't work very well together.
02- the text is overpowering and the colouring is unflattering especially around the faces
02- Over contrasted, grammar error in text.
02- background is too bright and the position of buffy and spike draws your eye off the icon
05- Image is very blurry.
05- the text sort of floats in empty space
05- the b/W thing is not working out to great, a little more contrast would have helped. The text needs working, too

8+ Nice coloring, good placing of text.

7- Text is hard to read as it blends into the background, oversharpened.