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18 July 2008 @ 08:17 pm
because its been ages, i'm going to eliminate nikkiwawa79, however that means that the final three are montana_rosalie xheartrockx eryslash are our final three, so this round will have to be re-done again with all three icon makers (montana_rosalie opted to skip the last round)

So people, Here is the final three challenge! Please Make THREE ICONS!

of any of the images from the last challenge - you can use the icons made already, but please re-submit them here. you have the choice of two icons per section, but you need to only make three

part a - up to two icons
dead things 1
dead things 2
dead things 3
dead things 4
dead things 5
dead things 6
dead things 7

part b - up to two icons
random 1
random 2
random 3
random 4
random 5